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Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters

Why Golden?
Family Owned. National presence with local business culture in our DNA
30 years of experience in coffee, national distribution and branding.
World-class solutions, from private labels to large scale food service.

Why Choose Golden Valley?
Golden Valley sources the finest beans, giving our Master Roaster everything required to craft delicious coffee, enhancing world-class dining experiences.
We take pride in our responsible sourcing.practices. With all aspects of a purchase being equal, people will act and be loyal to a brand that has an environmental and social consciousness.

A Delicious Golden Global Business

Because our purchasing choices have global impact, we specialize in roasting a large variety of Organic, Shade-Grown, Bird-Friendly, and Fair Trade Coffees.
From its discovery on an ancient Ethiopian hillside to its role as a millennial elixir in the digital age, coffee has dominated the economies, politics and social structures of entire countries.
Coffee grows in more than 60 countries, providing a livelihood for more than 125 million people around the world.
The top five coffee-consuming nations are the United States, Brazil, Germany, Japan, and France.
More than 600 million cups of coffee are consumed each year.
78% percent of all Fair Trade-certified coffee is produced in Latin America.

Golden Valley is one of the few Triple Certified Coffee Roasters in the United States.

100% Organic Certified. Our coffees are grown naturally without the use of any pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers.
Our coffee growers are guaranteed fair and stable prices and wages.
Shade-Grown = Delicious coffee. Our coffee are grown as nature intended, under the canopy of tree in a diverse habitat.
The increasing number of full sun coffee plantations has led to incredible deforestation of tropical forests around the world, particularly in Central America and Mexico. This had destroyed the natural habitat of many varieties of flora and fauna, especially migratory songbirds and butterflies that fly annually between Latin America and the Unites States.

Golden Valley, Roasters of Delicious Coffee

Golden Valley quality is defined by sourcing the finest beans in the world, providing our Master Roasters the flavor compounds required to deliver uncommonly delicious coffee.
The Art of Roasting.
Our Master Roasters have honed the art of roasting organic coffees, coaxing the unique characteristics from these superior, complex beans.
Taste the best the world offers. Heirloom varietals, grown slowly develop wonderful elaborate flavors.

Golden Valley is Giving Back!
“Cultivation to Cup.” We spearheaded this program; which is a collaborative, innovative learning initiative with universities.
Global partnership. From farm to cup, the program produces significant benefits to coffee farmers, students, and businesses.
Student-led research and service learning supports coffee farmers in their sustainable agriculture efforts.
Self-funded program educates University students and provides opportunities.