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Dr. Shalaway's Blend - Medium Roast

Dr. Scott Shalaway's Blend - Medium Roast


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Dr. Shalaway's Blend - Medium Roast

Taste: Herbal flavors with oaky undertones

About the Scarlet Tanager

Common name: Scarlet Tanager

Identification: Male Scarlet Tanagers are among the most striking birds in the world. Males’ brilliant crimson body is accented by jet-black wings and tail. Sexes are strongly dimorphic: females are nondescript olive green.

Size: 7 in. long; 11.5 in. wingspan; weighs about 1 ounce

Voice: Song is a series of raspy phrases that suggest an American Robin with a sore throat. Distinctive call note: “Chick-burr!”

Habitat/Breeding range: North America’s eastern deciduous forest

Winter range: Forests and forest edges from Panama south to Bolivia

Diet: insects, fruits, and berries

Nesting behavior: Nests high in tree tops; 4 eggs; incubation 13-14 days; young leave nest at 9-15 days of age; usually one brood per year

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