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Dr. Shalaway's - Guatemalan

Dr. Scott Shalaway's Guatemalan


Product Code: SHAGUAT00012



Guatemalan Blend

Taste: Sweet notes with smooth maple undertones

About the Baltimore Oriole

Common name: Baltimore Oriole

Identification: Male head is entirely black; under parts bright orange; back black; wings black with white wing bars. Sexes are strongly dimorphic: females are similarly patterned but much duller. Named for colors of the Baltimore family of the Maryland colony, not the baseball team.

Size: 8-9 in. long; 11.5 in. wingspan; weighs about 1.2 oz.

Voice: Song a series loud, rich, flute-like whistles. Frequent call note is a wren-like buzz.

Habitat/Breeding range: Open deciduous woods and edges, especially near water, in eastern North America.

Winter range: Forests and forest edges from southern Mexico to Colombia and Ecuador.
Diet: insects, including hairy caterpillars, fruits, nectar; comes to nectar feeders and sliced oranges.

Nest: Weaves a distinctive bag-like nest on the outer branches of tall trees, especially elms and sycamores; nest is often obscured by leaves; 4-5 eggs; incubation 12-14 days; young leave nest at 12-13 days of age; one brood per year.

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