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Dr. Shalaway's Nicaraguan

Dr. Scott Shalaway's Nicaraguan


Product Code: SHANICA00012



Nicaraguan Blend

Taste: Nutty flavors with chocolate undertones

About the Indigo Bunting

Common name: Indigo Bunting

Identification: Male Indigo Buntings are vivid metallic blue. Sexes are strongly dimorphic: females are dull brown.

Size: 5.5 in. long; 8 in. wingspan; weighs about ½-ounce

Voice: Complex series of double notes.

Habitat/Breeding range: Brushy old fields and forest edges across eastern North America.

Winter range: Weedy fields from southern Florida and Caribbean Islands and central Mexico south to northern South America

Diet: insects, seeds

Nest: Nests dense, low vegetation, rarely above 10 feet; 3-4 eggs; incubation 12-13 days; young leave nest at 9-12 days of age; frequent victim of brood parasitism by Brown-headed Cowbird; one or two broods per year.

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