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Proceeds for People, Planet, and Plumage

Why Choose Rock Roast?
Rock Roast is fresh, organic coffee that helps save important bird habitat with every cup.

Did you know that over 300 bird species are currently under threat because of changing ecosystems and climate (climate.audubon.org)?Some of these birds, like the Painted Bunting, migrate from the United States to warmer forests in the winter. But the health of these forests is declining and some are being cut down to grow coffee. That is why Rock Roast sources only certified Smithsonian Bird Friendly coffee; coffee that is grown under the shade of a forest canopy, is organic, and is Fair Trade. These requirements help create a better bean and a better winter home for migratory birds.

Rock Roast is a nonprofit and all of our proceeds go back to the coffee farms for research, conservation, and education. By supporting Rock Roast you are supporting people, the planet, and plumage!

To learn more about Bird Friendly Coffee, the coffee farms, the Rock Roast team, and our research visit rockroast.org.