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Recyclable Single Serve Beverage Cups are the epitome of convenience!

You no longer need to feel guilty about owning a single-serve, convenient coffee maker. We offer our organic certified coffee in RECYCLABLE single serve cups for your convenience! Our Single Serve Beverage Cups are offered in a re-sealable pouch to seal in freshness.

These cups are compatible with Keurig® 1.0, but NOT the Keurig® 2.0.

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100% Colombian Organic Coffee Organic Ethiopian 100% Guatemalan Organic Coffee (Medium Roast)
Taste: Hearty caramel and rich chocolate undertones Taste: Subtle Sweetness…Uniquely Exotic Taste: Flavors of brown sugar, maple, and figs
100% Mexican Organic Coffee 100% Nicaraguan Organic Coffee Artisan Select Organic Coffee
Taste: Nutty and Herbal with Faint Berry Notes Taste: Flavors of Chocolate and Brazil Nuts Taste: Hints of spice and smooth herbal flavors
Breakfast Blend Organic Coffee Decaf Dark Roast Organic Coffee Dark Roast Organic Coffee
Taste: A flood of herbal and floral flavors Taste: Spicy, bold flavors Taste: Smoky aromas and hearty flavors
Decaf House Blend Doughnut Blend Organic Coffee Espresso
Taste: Spicy, herbal and floral flavors Taste: Hearty, Full-bodied This bold espresso roast is the perfect kick start to your morning. Make this the way you always do, or put it in an espresso machine for a rich flavor. An Italian favorite, this organic espresso will make it's way into your kitchen and will warm your heart.
Taste: Bold, Aggressive flavors.
French Roast Rainforest Reserve Three Kings African Blend
Taste: Full-bodied, oaky, and toasty flavors. Taste: Full-bodied, oaky, and toasty flavors. This coffee is a unique blend of three organic coffees from three lush growing regions in central and eastern Africa. The rarest coffee on earth, this coffee will be here and sell out in a flash. Each of these meticulously prepared crops is impressive in itself. Blended together, these coffees truly shine.
Taste: Smoky, earthy flavors perfectly balanced with aromatic florals and fruity essence. The Rarest Coffee on Earth.
Wild Tiger
Taste: Bold, Aggressive Flavors