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Artisan Select Organic Coffee Breakfast Blend Organic Coffee Doughnut Blend Organic Coffee
Taste: Hints of spice and smooth herbal flavors Taste: A flood of herbal and floral flavors Taste: Hearty, Full-bodied
100% Guatemalan Organic Coffee (Medium Roast) 100% Mexican Organic Coffee 100% Nicaraguan Organic Coffee
Taste: Flavors of brown sugar, maple, and figs Taste: Nutty and Herbal with Faint Berry Notes Taste: Flavors of Chocolate and Brazil Nuts
100% Peruvian El Salvador Organic Coffee White Nile Organic Coffee
Taste: Garden fresh herbal notes, complimented by oaky fragrances with a lasting floral finish. Notes of honey, raisins, and almonds peak through in this deliciously smooth coffee. Lighter flavors make this coffee a perfect brew for your morning fix. This coffee is grown on the banks of the White Nile in Uganda. With nutty notes laced with chocolate and pear, you may have found your new favorite gourmet coffee.
100% Colombian Organic Coffee Decaf House Blend Rainforest Reserve
Taste: Hearty caramel and rich chocolate undertones Taste: Spicy, herbal and floral flavors Taste: Full-bodied, oaky, and toasty flavors.
Papua New Guinea Aztec Gold Kona Blend- Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters
Taste: Hints of Toffee And Acidic Fruit Taste: Buttery chocolate overtones with a sweet honey finish. Taste: Floral Hints With Fruit And A Mild Citrus FInish